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  • Applied cloud computing technology, supply the most advanced call service through Internet.

  • Easy to momitor & manage system through Website adminstration by Vietnamese and English Be able to use on your mobile device ( BYOD ) and others application on mobile device.

  • Free call history saved , record calls and listen the record.

  • System supports to forward the calls to your mobile phone when you are not in office or your mobile phone do not have Internet connection.

  • Extension number can expand unlimited

  • Build the advanced security system with team of management engineers have experience.

  • No cost for Management resources, hardware investment, free internal call, interactive voice response, automatic call distributor.

  • Help businesses to take care customers, find new customers, get customer’s feedback, active advertising, remind schedule , ..


    How to expand the operator as additional personnel and branches?

    The change in upgrading and expanding the operator and how about its cost?

    How about saving costs of internal calls between branches together?

    When the number of employees exceeds the number allowed by the current operator, What things must to do?

    How to record calls with the customer's staff to made better customer service?

    How to organize a conference call?

  • staff



      Payment from 15-20 milions vnd/month to maintain this staff. If an employee hired just do all the work, it has to pay a minimum 5-6 milions vnd/ month

      It takes time to train employees to become familiar with the working structure of the company.

      It took workspace

      Handling personnel issues, regimes with salary ...


      This quality assurance team has in-depth knowledge in the efficient operation of the operator?

      This team ensures continuous work in the following cases: emergency leave, sick leave, vacation, overtime ...

      When the device fails, there will be no available to replace equipment

      P.A Viet Nam are offering you the service "Rental Switch Board" satisfy every demand of the customer.

      Raise Your Customers' Trust With A Service

      Professional Customer Care



    SERVICEVirtual Switchboard #1Virtual Switchboard #2Virtual Switchboard #3Virtual Switchboard #4Virtual Switchboard #5Virtual Switchboard #6Virtual Switchboard #7Virtual Switchboard #8Virtual Switchboard #9
    Number of extensions (Extensions)
    When client call 1900 9477 or 02862563737 and enter 123 to connect Mr.A then number 123 is extension, every staff have a individual extension number.
    3 22 40 70 120 150 256 300 400
    Simultaneous call
    Simultaneously, many customer can call to number 1900 9477 and deliver to consultants, avoid missed calls.
    Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Header connection (1900 or fixed)
    When you need use 1800, 1900 number to better customer care. You can easy to integrate to PA Vietnam Virtual Switchboard system.
    2 3 4 5 5 6 7 7 9
    Total Disk space for recording on System.
    5 GB 10 GB 15 GB 20 GB 23 GB 25 GB 30GB 35GB 40GB
    Conference call
    A conference call or multi-user conversation is set up that allows the call recipient to engage in conversation throughout the call or reduce the time when they want to communicate the same message to multiple people.
    3 person at the same time 3 person at the same time 4 person at the same time 5 person at the same time 6 person at the same time 7 person at the same time 8 person at the same time 8 person at the same time 9 person at the same time
    Gift Frei speaker price 849K Frei speaker price 849K Frei speaker price 849K Frei speaker price 849K Frei speaker price 849K Frei speaker price 849K Frei speaker price 849K Frei speaker price 849K
    Register for 2 years or more
    Free IVR
    Support 24/7------
    Monthly costs
    The maintenance fee
    99.000d /Month
    199.000d /Month
    349.000d /Month
    499.000d /Month
    819.000d /Month
    999.000d /Month
    1.700.000d /Month
    1.998.000d /Month
    2.397.600d /Month
    Khuyến mãi đăng ký nhiều năm
    2 NĂM GIẢM 10%
    3 NĂM GIẢM 15%
    4 NĂM GIẢM 20%
    5 NĂM GIẢM 25%
    10 NĂM GIẢM 30%
    Order Order Order Order Order Order Order Order Order Order


    PSA Co.,LTD

    Customer Service is good, support 24/7 ,  unobstructed calling, easy control for manager, easy for internal communication.

    Nen Mong Viet Co.,LTD

    Technical support is very good, responsive and enthusiastic, easy interface management, saving cost and human resource better than traditional switchboard. Overall the system is quite stable and efficient.

    IZ Member Limited Liability Company

    Interface easy to control, equipment easy for installing and using. Technical support is fast, enthusiastic and effective.

    Kien Viet Co.,LTD

    Phone line apportionment is very reasonable , no obstruction and besides it can create a professional and effective phone group. We really satisfied with the technical staffs, present in time. In general, the virtual switchboard works very efficiently. Nothing to complain.

    Startup Viet Co.,LTD

    In the past, when customers call to our hotline, it will be transferred to a fixed telephone and cause obstruction. Now we have many extension number so it work quite stable. Work productivity increase clearly due to saving a lot of time and manpower, easy to control calls between customers and employees, good greeting and we really satisfy.

    Sao Kim Anh Service Trading Co.,LTD

    Since using the Virtual Switchboard of P.A , our management system becomes easier. Technical team is quite good therefore the problems was solved quickly with enthusiasm. Because the system has the history of call and it quite convenient, efficiency increase and time-saving

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