SERVICECloud phone #1Cloud phone #2Cloud phone #3Cloud phone #4Cloud phone #5Cloud phone #6Cloud phone #7
Number of extensions (Extensions)
When client call 1900 9477 or 02862563737 and enter 123 to connect Mr.A then number 123 is extension, every staff have a individual extension number.
10 22 40 70 120 150 256
Simultaneous call
Simultaneously, many customer can call to number 1900 9477 and deliver to consultants, avoid missed calls.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Header connection (1900 or fixed)
When you need use 1800, 1900 number to better customer care. You can easy to integrate to PA Vietnam Cloud Phone system.
2 3 4 5 5 6 7
Total Disk space for recording on System.
5 GB 10 GB 15 GB 20 GB 23 GB 25 GB 50GB
Đàm thoại hội nghị
A conference call or multi-user conversation is set up that allows the call recipient to engage in conversation throughout the call or reduce the time when they want to communicate the same message to multiple people.
3 Người Cùng Tham Gia 3 Người Cùng Tham Gia 4 Người Cùng Tham Gia 5 Người Cùng Tham Gia 6 Người Cùng Tham Gia 7 Người Cùng Tham Gia 8 Người Cùng Tham Gia
Support 24/7
Monthly costs
The maintenance fee
99.000d /Month
199.000d /Month
349.000d /Month
499.000d /Month
819.000d /Month
999.000d /Month
2.500.000d /Month
Order Order Order Order Order Order Order Order

List VIP number phone

Additional Services

1 Cloudfone Extensions
30,000d / Month
Add 1 Greeting
50,000d / onetime
Change 1 Greeting
50,000d / onetime
HDD Recording 5GB
70,000d / Month
HDD Recording 25GB
350,000d / Month
Add one number phone

1800 or 1900 or fixed number

40,000d / Month
Module Contact Center

Basic functions of Module Contact Center integrates into cloud phone:

- Identify the customer and show the necessary information
- Input information the customer
- Call Reports

99,000d / User / Month
HDD Recording 1TB
1,000,000d / Month
One more person in Conference call
50,000d / Month
Price does not include VAT

Feature IP-PBX

    Interactive greetings / IVR

    Caller ID Display

    Music On Hold

    Callout PIN

    Time Condition

    Full control switchboard (Website Interface)

    Conference call

    • Call history

      Automatic Call Distribution

      Voice Conference

      Support SoftPhone


      VoiceMail and more other functions

    Comparing packages

    Full control switchboard (Website Interface)
    Internal list phone / Internal group
    View branch, group / Operator Pane
    Create / delete extension
    Greetings config / IVR
    Music On Hold
    Add record IVR file
    Configuring call in / Call out
    Caller ID Display
    Set passwords for outgoing calls
    Divert calls over time
    Deliver calls to extensions
    Show call history details
    Delete record file / Listen to the recording file
    Allows to block unwanted incoming calls
    Navigation to call out mobile
    Free local unlimited calls
    Provide / manage user accounts
    Monitor / control storage usage
    Report a busy machine or out of hours
    Conference call