Introduce about Virtual Switchboard Service

Virtual Switchboard Service is Telephone Switchboard service base on cloud computing platform combine with modern VoIP technology to provide high quality call with lowest cost for customers. For using Virtual Switchboard of P.A Vietnam, customers just need an IP phone, analog telephone through IP Gateway, or use Soft phone application , with these equipment you can use full features of professional switchboard without switchboard system investment.

Advantages when using virtual switchboard of P.A Vietnam

  • Customers no need to hire switchboard system manager or switchboard investment
  • For system management, set up configuration through Internet with visual website browser easy to use.
  • Virtual Switchboard work on computer network system, no need to invest in separated telephone cable system
  • Free for branch and international connecting.
  • Make a call right on your smart phone, laptop or PC have calling application.
  • Extension number can expand unlimited. Expand your extension number easily and quickly when needed.
  • Allows to integrate telephone feature with management customer application, marketing application, .. to improve your customer service.
  • Allows to work in all of IP phone with standard SIP from many different brands. Easy to integrate 1800, 1900, landline.
  • Easy to expand and move staff location, attach equipment to network for using.

Virtual Switchboard Feature :

1 Interactive Voice Response(IVR) Customer record by themselves
2 Record, repeat and delete call Yes
3 Play waiting music Yes
4 Incoming call, outgoing call, internal call Yes
5 Forward call Yes
6 Call pick up Yes
7 Routing, Automatic Call Distributor(ACD) Yes
8 Display incoming call number Yes
9 Call history Yes
10 3-way call Yes
11 Conference call Yes
12 Support Softphone (Bria, Zoiper) Yes
13 Change extension number Yes
14 Block number Yes
15 Integrate CRM application Yes
16 Voicemail Yes


New company which needs to setting switchboard
New company want to change from analog switchboard system to IP switchboard
Who have demand of switchboard system but don’t want to invest in separate switchboard system
Company has many departments, branches in different places
Company doesn’t have fixed address, specific office


System and call feature:

  • Allows virtual switchboard user make free internal call.
  • User can receive outside call through sip trunk.
  • Sip trunk have lower cost than traditional call when call out PSTN, international call
  • Focus management ability helps admin easy to manage.
  • Easy to extend when needed.

Recommended system:

  • Target, scale, scope extension
    • + Free internal call through IP switchboard.
    • + Using sip trunk to call in, call out.
  • Technical requirements
    • + Have an IT to manage internal infrastructure network.
    • + Have FTTH line from supplier or Internet Leased line (minimum bandwidth for each call is 128 Kbps)
    • + Bandwidth for each all : G711 : 100 Kbps, G729 : 60 Kbps.
    • + IP phone is compulsory
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