Warranty Policy

Warranty policy

Warranty policy applies at ..........

1. General Requirements:

You need to check product carefully before receiving as completely new 100%.

2. Non Warranty Conditions:

Due to device is collapsed or fallen, broken, distorted, deformed, scratched, rusty, deflated or congested ...

The device has signs of fire, rodent, insect infestation or placed in humid environment.

Damage caused by natural disasters, use of unstable power sources or improper transport.

No guarantee of any data when warrantying the device.

3. Warranty Method:

All devices are warranted by standards of manufacturer during the warranty period.

New product purchased within 30 days will be exchanged for new product immediately if the inspection is damaged due to the manufacturer's fault. In case, there is no new item to exchange, it will be agreed to exchange for other new product of equivalent value.

Note: Not apply to device which has corrosive features, be able to be torn, broken, missing packaging or scratched, dirty ...

In case the product is purchased over 30 days, it will be returned for warranty (repair). If it can’t be repaired, the store will replace another equivalent product and this product is not necessarily 100% new.

The warranty solving period is within 7 days from the date of receipt (except on Sundays and holidays). And depends on the case, we may be solve sooner or later. However, during the warranty period, we will lend the same type of product for operating during the warranty period to ensure the server's continuous operation.

For device that can’t be repaired and the device is out of stock because it is no longer produced or no longer available on the market. You must wait for another dealer to have the same or higher value product and compensate money according to the current price agreement on the market. The warranty period for replaced products is still remaining from the original guarantee, not start over.

For device that can’t be repaired in the country and must be sent to a manufacturer in a foreign country, the period may last from 4 to 6 weeks. In this case, the store will replace a product with similar features for your temporary use.


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