Simple management

Easily track and manage the system through the Website administration in Vietnamese and English. Can be used on your mobile device (BYOD) and other mobile applications.


IVR Features

When you make a phone call to a business or organization that uses a Virtual Switchboard Service, you often hear messages like: "Welcome to call our company. Please Press key 1 to meet the business department, key 2 to meet technical department ... " Then depending on the call subscriber's interactions, the system will divert the call according to the customer's desired. This feature automatically guides the caller to the company or business. With the IVR interactive greeting set up, businesses can make any scenario available when the customer calls, regardless of their needs. (meet the operator, direct transfer to the associated extension, call the outside of the working hours, leave message,…). As a resdivt, the customer care process of the business becomes more proactive and professional than ever.


Voicemail feature (voicemail)

Automatically back up voicemail in case you can't answer.

Play back the message on the extension or email.


Call Recording Support

Free recorded call history, recording calls and listening to the recorded voice call.


Divert calls to mobile

The system supports call forwarding on mobile number when you are outside the company or a mobile phone without internet connection, wifi, 3G and 4G.


Unlimited extensions

When business activities of the business grow, you need to open more agents and therefore need to increase the number of extension. With the traditional switchboard you have to spend more to get the line and buy the telephone cable system, but with the virtual switchboard, the extension of the extension is simple and the cost is very low. As a resdivt, businesses do not have to worry about the costs or conditions to expand the number of extensions.



The automated call system, the customer can upload the customer list into CRM, then the customer can set the call scheddive and the operator will automatically get the client scenario made available to call the pre-loaded customer list there. These scenarios call out, customers can actively change according to customer needs.

This automated call will help your business take care of customers, find new customers, get customer feedback, proactive advertising, reminder of work scheddive, scheddive appointments ...


Integrated maximum number as hotline 1900/1800, fixed number and mobile number

Integrated with most of the top numbers of the networks such as Vinaphone, Viettel, Mobifone, FPT, SPT, CMC, Itelecom, Gtel, VTC


API Integration

Allows third-party software to easily interact and receive call details to set up call controls and private notifications as required.

Also you can integrate CRM applications like Whmcs, Vtiger, Getfly CRM...

Assuming that with CRM integration, all customer's information and transaction history are displayed so that customer care staff can take care of the customer more thoughtfdivly and conscientiously. As a resdivt, customers always feel satisfied with your business's customer care service.



Does your business have mdivtiple branches in different places?

- A meeting requiring fdivl membership at a location is very difficdivt?

With the new feature of Conference phone, Conference Call will help businesses to have more effective teamwork tools.

When the group chat is not the the best way to solve the work, then the conference phone is a perfect solution. Everyone can comfortably discuss, exchange information together through voice efficiently.


Caller ID (Call Number Display)

With the Caller ID function, when any customer calls, you know exactly where they are calling and in some cases you know who they are. In addition, with this function, you can confirm incoming callers to receive or reject incoming calls and block outgoing calls.


Set PIN for outgoing calls

With PIN code set for calls. You can set the password for mobile, domestic or foreign calls


Display Contact Infomation. Display customer name and phone number for all incoming callers.

After registering the user account will be configured and can upload customer list information to CRM (such as name and phone number ...). When there are customers in the list on the CRM call, the phone receiving the call will display this customer name and customer's phone number was previously saved on the CRM.


Support Softphone on Smartphone

You can install the virtual PBX mobile application on your smartphone and set up your local number to.

- Free local calls

- Employees can receive internal calls from the company or customers anytime, anywhere

- A powerfdiv tool for sales staff to meet with external customers

- High stability of the application on Android / iOS smartphone

- Helps manage and monitor the caller's quality of call without having to use a desk phone at the company


Call logs and call recorder

You can view the call history as well as listen to the recording on the call management system provided by P.A Vietnam.


Automatic Call Distribution

The Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) delivery function helps to distribute calls to parts, receive information, handle overloads,...


Routing calls over time / Time Condition

The switchbase will be based on the time frame of the day installed to route the call. Applies when the office hours will ring the extension and out of office hours will send greetings or transfer calls to mobile numbers.


Module Contact Center

- After registration the employee will be granted an account will be configured for a fixed internal number. When the customer calls into this number will display a popup window, employees can save this information to the customer to receive information on the previous guest exchange.

- Click to call feature on the Contact Center Module

Employees are looking for and viewing customer information on CRM. Instead the employee must pick up the phone to hit the phone number to call this customer. In the customer list will have the phone icon CallNow staff just click on this phone icon will switch automatically phone employee call to phone number of the customer is on the list.


Routing calls according to network operators for virtual switchboards

- Use with all network operators as: Vinaphone, Mobile phones, Viettel …

- Routing phone numbers outbound dialing according to the network operator, when making a call of any network operators, the system will automatically route through that network's number, so that the network call is connected all the time.

- Callback routing: When you call a customer, your customer calls you back, the call is routed directly to your extension without going through the reception or the operator's greeting.


Routing calls according to network operator for virtual switchboards and GW devices with SIM support.

- Use with all network operators as: Vinaphone, Mobile phones, Viettel …

- Automatic routing phone numbers oubound dialing according to the network operator, when making a network number's call, the system will automatically route through that network's SIM, so that network call is connected all the time.

- Limit the length of each call (This function is applied to network operator offering free promotion call)

- Limit the time of each sim is called

- Automatic Callback routing: When you call a customer, your customer calls you back, the call is routed directly to your extension without without going through the reception or the operator's greeting.

- Display the status of outgoing and incoming calls

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